Help the server

With a VIP Slot

You can help this server by buying a VIP Slot

After receiving the payment, your VIP Slot will be activated within 24 hours

All donations make it possible to keep the server online

VIP Slot Benefits

  • Reserved slot

    No queue, no waiting : you can join when you want WITHOUT waiting
    (The non-vip players will get kicked if the server is full)

  • Triple vote power

    Your vote for the next map will be counted 3 times

  • Give me the lead

    Become the squad leader with the !lead command
    Lead your team to victory

  • Manual balance

    Switch teams and turn the tide of battle with the !switchme command

  • Tired of running?

    Reappear quickly without lowering your ratio with the !killme command

  • Balance whitelist

    The balance will not hit you

  • Ping kicker whitelist

    You will not be kicked if your ping is too high

  • KD Limit whitelist

    You will not be kicked for kill farming or high KD

  • Voteban protection

    Nobody can !voteban you

VIP Slot Price

  • 1 Month: 4 Euros
  • 3 Month: 10 Euros

Buy a VIP Slot

Send us your PayPal donation and you BF4 pseudo


Enter your nickname in the "Message" field during the PayPal transfer, otherwise we won't be able to give you your VIP!


If you need help, contact Xarlion_ via Battlelog or Xarlion#0852 via Discord