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These maps are by default in the map list, but you can still choose for their size

Operation LockerOperation LockerSiege of ShanghaiSiege of ShanghaiGolmud RailwayGolmud RailwayZavod 311Zavod 311

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Lancang DamLancang DamFlood ZoneFlood ZoneParacel StormParacel StormHainan ResortHainan ResortRogue TransmissionRogue TransmissionDawnbreakerDawnbreakerCaspian BorderCaspian BorderOperation FirestormOperation FirestormOperation MétroOperation MétroGulf of OmanGulf of OmanSilk RoadSilk RoadAltai RangeAltai RangeGuilin PeaksGuilin PeaksDragon PassDragon PassLost IslandsLost IslandsNansha StrikeNansha StrikeWavebreakerWavebreakerOperation MortarOperation MortarPearl MarketPearl MarketPropagandaPropagandaLumphini GardenLumphini GardenSunken DragonSunken DragonOpération WhiteoutOpération WhiteoutHammerheadHammerheadHangar 21Hangar 21Giants of KareliaGiants of KareliaZavod: Greveyard ShiftZavod: Greveyard ShiftOeration OutbreakOeration OutbreakDragon Valley 2015Dragon Valley 2015

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These maps are by default in the map list, but you can still choose for their size

Operation LockerOperation LockerConquest LargeSiege of ShanghaiSiege of ShanghaiConquest LargeGolmud RailwayGolmud RailwayConquest LargeZavod 311Zavod 311Conquest Large

The 4 maps with the most votes will be in the map list too

Silk RoadSilk RoadConquest Large3Rogue TransmissionRogue TransmissionConquest Large2Zavod: Greveyard ShiftZavod: Greveyard ShiftConquest Large2PropagandaPropagandaConquest Large1Lancang DamLancang DamConquest Large1Oeration OutbreakOeration OutbreakConquest Large1Altai RangeAltai RangeConquest Large1Caspian BorderCaspian BorderConquest Large1Paracel StormParacel StormConquest Large1Hainan ResortHainan ResortConquest Large1Opération WhiteoutOpération WhiteoutConquest Large1Flood ZoneFlood Zone0DawnbreakerDawnbreaker0Operation FirestormOperation Firestorm0Operation MétroOperation Métro0Gulf of OmanGulf of Oman0Guilin PeaksGuilin Peaks0Dragon PassDragon Pass0Lost IslandsLost Islands0Nansha StrikeNansha Strike0WavebreakerWavebreaker0Operation MortarOperation Mortar0Pearl MarketPearl Market0Lumphini GardenLumphini Garden0Sunken DragonSunken Dragon0HammerheadHammerhead0Hangar 21Hangar 210Giants of KareliaGiants of Karelia0Dragon Valley 2015Dragon Valley 20150